A power window system without a Dodge Polara window motor is like a remote control with no energy packs. Offering comfort and security, the window motor of your Dodge Polara allows you to manage your power windows; you can simply open your driver window to hand over your toll pay and securely close all the windows when parking your car on an open space.

If you can't locate the Dodge Polara window motor, it's the piece safely affixed on the window regulator that's placed behind your door panel. Rust and breaks are just some of the signs that the window motor of your Dodge Polarastarts to deteriorate. Even withoutinspecting your motor, you can sense something is off as it takes time to open or pull up the windows. If you don't like to strain yourself all because of your broken stock, then it's recommended that you install a new window motor for your Dodge Polara.

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