Once the windows in your vehicle start slowing down, you should start looking into new window motors.  Years ago, all vehicles were equipped with manual windows that rolled up or down with the crank of a handle.  These windows got the job done and were fine while they lasted but, as with anything else, they needed an upgrade.  The modern automotive window is powered by a window motor.  Each Chrysler window motor is powered by its own, individual switch.  Ignoring your sluggish windows could get you in a jam.  Essentially, you're playing Russian roulette every time you roll attempt to roll your windows down.  They could get stuck half way down, all the way down, or in the up position.  Stuck with the windows up may be moderately inconvenient, but getting stuck with the windows down is a horse of a different color.  Your interior could get saturated or be exposed to robbers if the windows are unable to return to the up position.