Probably, all new vehicles make use of power windows. This kind of window possesses an automatic feature that is able to move the windows by themselves, but it refrains from raising them the moment it senses an obstruction. Because of such action, the heart of the power window system is its lifting mechanism. On most vehicles, this mechanism that rise the part utilizes a very efficient linkage to considerably lift the window glass while at the same time maintaining its level. In order to do this, an undersized electric motor is affixed to the worm gear and other spur gears to create a large gear reduction which will then offer adequate amount of torque to move the window up.

One of the favored result of using the power windows is you won't be able to painstakingly move the lever since all it takes for you to do is to push a button. Moreover, thieves are out of site since they cannot be forced open. This is made possible by the worm gear located in the drive mechanism. These worm gears contain a self-locking feature due to the angle of contact among the gear and the worm. Moreover, power windows also have a small electric motor that is able to turn the crank in order for the window to move up. These kinds of power windows that have window motor were first introduced on the year 1946. Now, it is utilized even by the most modern vehicle like the Chevrolet Camaro.

The Chevrolet Camaro window motor marks the line between power windows and manual windows. On the latter kind, the crank handle is used in order to turn the crank as an alternative of the window motor. Surely, power windows are great features for your vehicle. Conversely, window regulators as well as window motors can sometimes freeze up thus resulting for the window motor and the power window system to experience some defects. Moreover, it can also get burnt out. Good thing, you can find a replacement in the automotive market right ahead.

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