Windows play an important role in every Chevy vehicle. Just imagine how your vehicle will look like and how uncomfortable it is to ride on it if it does not have windows or if these are defective. On a sunny or rainy weather, you will not be able to use your air conditioning so you will have to bear the hot weather or the cold weather during the entire travel. Although windows are not the most essential part of your vehicle, without these on your vehicle or being unable to lower or close these with ease can be very frustrating. That is why it is a must to check on them for damages, you can start by checking the Chevy window motor.

The Chevy window motor is an auto part responsible to control the position of the window based from the commands it receives from either the driver or passengers. When your Chevy vehicle's electric windows stop working suddenly, it does not necessarily mean that it's the window motor which is defective. It could be the vehicle's fuse so you first have to check on it. If the fuses are all functional, then it is really possible that the window motor is the one causing the problem and needs replacement.

The window motor is a small electric motor which is connected to a number of gears which are designed to lift and lower the window. Compared to traditional roll-down windows, power windows need the window motor so it will be lowered down or lifted. It cannot be forced down manually since they are equipped with a security bar in order to lock them in place. So no matter how hard you try to close or lift the windows, if the window motor is defective, there is no way you can close or lift those windows manually.

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