Because of the great ease and comfort it gives every car occupant, almost every modern vehicle employs a power window system. What was then a luxury has now become a necessity to have a power window system that could easily lift and lower the window glass with a slight click on the window switch. Unlike manually operated windows that require too much effort to turn the crank handle that could engage the crank to make the window glass move up or down, power window systems enable you to do them without having to exert too much force. Thankfully, when it comes to this type of great advancement in auto window technology, your Cadillac Escalade is not left behind.

The addition of power windows in your Cadillac Escalade is maybe one of the astonishing features that engage you to choose this particular make and model. But the power windows will not be able to function if not for the Cadillac Escalade window motor. The window motor is considered as the primary component in any power window system. It is actually an electrical device installed behind the vehicle's door panels. The window motor is the one that engages the gears and spurs that serve as lifting and lowering mechanisms for the window glass. The Cadillac Escalade window motor is connected to the window regulator made up of a long arm where one end glides over a channel in the lower portion of the window to be able to move up and down.

The window regulator attached to the Cadillac Escalade window motor has another end contains a set of gear teeth that are designed to mesh perfectly with another series of gears. Just like many other parts that comprise your auto, the window motor is not free from the effects of rough use and normal wear and tear. In most cases, it is due to sheer negligence especially when it comes to the repair and replacement needs of the power window system components that lead to complete destruction.

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