If your windows have stopped working, it may be time to replace one or more of your window motors.  Unlike windows of the old days that were operated manually with handles, modern windows rely on window motors to function.  Slow, sluggish up or down movement of one of your windows could be a clue that it needs a new Cadillac window motor.  Imagine you're driving with the windows down and it starts to drizzle.  You try to roll the window up and nothing happens.  Say goodbye to your interior and until you replace the window motor, say goodbye to basic vehicle protection.  Don't get drenched and don't leave your car unprotected, replace your window motors promptly.  Once your windows start slowing down you should replace your window motor to prevent this type of inconvenience.  Believe it or not, window motors are fairly easy to replace.  You may be able to install one yourself, without the help of a costly repairman.