Power windows are some of the most significant features on modern vehicles. The power window system in your Acura Integra vehicle is composed of several vital parts that work hand in hand to open or close the windows. Old vehicles have manually operated window cranks to move the windows up and down. But because of the advancements in technology, window motors are now designed to bring more convenient operation for the whole mechanism. Indeed, window motor and the whole power window system give great comfort to every passenger in your Acura vehicle.

The window motor eliminates the manual operation on turning the window cranks. Instead of your hand, the Acura Integra Window motor activates different power window system elements to move the windows. With the power motor, the window knob is replaced with a push button that conveniently works for a window. So which is better to you: the crank or the button? Apparently, the button requires less effort and provides more comfort.

The motor is one of the basic parts of a power window system; but, do you the other elements working along with it? Like any electrically operated devices, the motor is powered through a switch. Power window switch is often mounted at the door panel's armrest or at any location that is reachable for the passenger. Power windows also have the locking system that can be operated individually by buttons on doors or synchronized through a main button found in the dashboard. If any of these power window system parts is damaged, windows may jut get stuck. This is a real problem especially when you need to open or close your window. Better yet, the necessary parts should be lubricated periodically while some fitting or bolting must be tightened up. In case of major damages, especially with the window motor, have the defective element replaced at once to avoid inconveniences with the power windows.

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