Car Wheels

Without a shadow of doubt, the wheels are one of the most striking features of your vehicle. Given this unique characteristic, they can provide the impression of tough performance, luxury as well as comfort to the vehicle's passengers all at the same time. That's why it's really not that surprising that many vehicle owners today make an effort and invest their money on new set of auto wheels to give their ride a more sporty and luxurious look.

Although wheel replacement is an ideal solution to revamp your vehicle's looks, it's not the cheapest way to achieve this goal. Aftermarket Wheel Covers can give you almost the same effect without making you shell out extra cash. However, if you also want to improve the performance and drivability of your rig, employing a new set of Wheels can do the job. But to make sure that you'll get the right components that would match your vehicle and your own driving style, you should also pay attention to the wheel's dimension, type, and materials used for its construction.

Just like cars, the Wheels come in different styles, on-road and off-road capabilities. And to make sure that you'll get the parts that would suit your needs, you must take every detail into consideration. The wheel can fall under two basic categories: the stamped sheet metal and machine casting. A cast alloy wheel like an aluminum wheel is made lighter, more rigid, and relatively more expensive than the stamped sheet metal wheel. As for the steel wheel, it's the most commonly used wheel because it's adequate for different functions. Aside from this, the simple fact that it's mass produced, making it cheaper than any other type of wheel. However, when it comes to performance, an alloy wheel holds the advantage as it significantly reduces the amount of unsprung weight of the automobile. Additionally, it's also capable of dissipating heat effectively, allowing it to withstand high tire and brake temperatures.

Ideally, the width of the wheel should be the same as the tire's tread. This is to make sure that it can produce vertical tire sidewalls for excellent tire support and extended tread life. So in wheel replacement, it's always a big mistake to replace the stock wheel with a smaller diameter wheel. Lastly, proper offset, which is the distance between the wheel's mounting surface to the car and the center of the rim, is also an important consideration in buying a wheel.

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