Abnormal clicking or popping noises from your vehicle's wheels could indicate a defective wheel hub assembly. The Toyota Echo wheel hub protects the automotive wheel bearings which allow your automobile's wheels to effectively turn. It's best not to operate your Toyota Echo until the hub is changed for your personal safety. Performing the replacement by yourself as opposed to forking out for a pro mechanic will save you loads of cash.

A badly damaged Toyota Echo hub will have various indicators, say, like uneven tire wear or the collapse of your car's Anti-Lock Braking System. You may have to extract the whole axle if you own a 4X4 vehicle before you may get rid of your stock hub. Here's a tip: never utilize a hammer when changing a stubborn hub because you will only damage your CV joints. Perform some road testing after setup to see if there's any issue with the new wheel hub for your Toyota Echo.

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