You need to take a closer look at your stock, corroded wheel hub if your ride starts to shake constantly when you're driving. Your car would have all sorts of problems if the Subaru wheel hub receives damage because it contains the bearings which carry the axles' weight. It'd be wise not to drive your Subaru ‘til the hub is totally replaced for your own safety. For ideal end results, change your factory-installed hub together with other related parts such as bolts and bearings.

You will know your old ride's Subaru stock wheel hub urgently requires changing if your wheels are wobbly or when these pull to one side when you apply the brakes. You may need to draw out the whole axle if you drive a 4X4 model before you can take out your stock hub. The ideal replacement component will have corresponding connectors and other parts and it would quickly bolt on to the wheels. You'd need to tighten up bolts when installing the all-new hub onto your Subaru , so refer to the car's guidebook regarding the specific torque for hub hardware.

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