Inside your Daewoo auto is a variety of components that work together to provide you a control of your vehicle's movement. These components are often grouped into systems, and among the most important of these systems is the braking system. The brake system is responsible for slowing down or stopping the movement of the wheels by converting its kinetic energy into heat through friction. The brake system does this by using hydraulic pressure to move the brake shoes or pads, which contain friction material to the brake rotor. And in order to do this, your Daewoo vehicle uses a Daewoo Wheel Cylinder. Also called the brake or slave cylinder, the wheel cylinder is a cylinder which contains a movable piston that turns hydraulic fluid into mechanical force. The piston inside the cylinder moves the brake shoes or brake pads against the braking surface of the brake drum or brake rotor. Most cars utilize a cylinder per wheel, although there are some cars that have two or more cylinders on a single wheel. Wheel cylinders are often composed of a single-bore cylinder casting, an internal compression spring, two pistons, two rubber cups or seals, two rubber boots, and a bleeder screw or valve. Most wheel cylinders are designed to operate with only little maintenance, but just like any other part in your car they can also wear out if not properly cared for. Regular maintenance of the wheel cylinder assures its continued operation, but should this part become severely damaged then it must be replaced immediately. Replacement wheel cylinders are widely available in the market nowadays. And when you need a high quality Daewoo Wheel Cylinder, you can get it here in our site. We have the best deals of Daewoo Wheel Cylinder products as well as other Daewoo parts and accessories at very affordable prices.