Volvo cars are known for their reliability and safety. In fact, it is even implied in their motto, "Volvo for life". Their commitment to excellence and quality has gained them respect from the whole automotive industry as well as the consumers. Established in 1926, the Volvo has continued to impress the world with its innovations in their car products. Although as compared to the other car companies, Volvo is quite smaller, still it has maintained a highly profitable venture, a proof of the quality of its products.

In 1999, the American car giant, Ford Company, bought the Volvo cars for the price of $6.45 billion USD. Among the reasons which prompted Volvo to sell its automobile manufacturing was the increasing costs for the development of new car models, this was compounded by the fact that Volvo is a relatively small car producer. But although its ownership now falls under the control of an American company, still it has retained its Swedish background thus offering the best of both worlds for the consumers.

Volvo car parts are among the toughest and the best in the world. They are not easily copied because of the intricate and selected components that make them up. Included in this line of excellent Volvo car parts is the Volvo wheel bearing. The Volvo wheel bearing performs two important functions in the suspension of the vehicle. The Volvo wheel bearing allows the wheels to rotate with minimal friction. It also serves to support the weight of the Volvo; hence it is necessary that the Volvo wheel bearing is in a perfect condition to do both functions. Another important thing to remember is that the Volvo wheel bearing must also be leak-free to keep the lubricants and contaminants out. The Volvo wheel bearing is engineered to last 150,000 miles or more but the constant load can take a toll on the Volvo wheel bearing, grease and seals.

The Volvo wheel bearing is a very important part of the car and therefore should be accorded proper care and maintenance. Regular check-ups and inspection by a qualified mechanic should be done in order to make sure that your Volvo wheel bearing always remains in great shape. However, if damage occurs to your Volvo wheel bearing you must find a replacement immediately as prolonging the damage could lead to more problems for your car.

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