Wheels are what allow your cars to move. Aside from the engine, fuel, and other components, the wheels also perform a vital function in the overall performance of your vehicle. It is the component that connects your car to the road and literally move it. As such, having fully functional wheels is important. Every part of the wheel assembly has to be in top shape to allow the wheels to spin securely and smoothly in place. The bearing as one of the vital components of the car is what allows the wheels to spin freely in place while providing support to the car's weight.

Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with high quality wheel bearings that add to the reliable, stylish and functional features of the vehicle. Volkswagen wheel bearings are made from heavy duty and tough materials designed to offer long service life. Its durable construction allows it to offer superior performance without needing replacement. Wheel bearings, located in the wheel hub assembly, basically consist of a circle shaped bracket that has sturdy cylindrical rollers that are greased and rotate freely in between the hub and the wheel. On a rear wheel drive vehicle, each end of the drive axle typically has one rear wheel bearing and the front wheel hub assembly has two wheel bearings, one inner and one outer. Keeping all the bearings in tip-top working condition can ensure superior wheel performance for thousands of miles.

Regular inspection and maintenance is vital to ensure that the bearings are always fully functional. Time and usage though will eventually wear out the bearings. A common sign of a failed bearing is a humming noise that gradually increases upon acceleration. You will be able to determine which bearing has failed by listening to how loud the noise is as you turn your car left and right. If the noise gets louder when you turn the wheel to the left, the right bearing is worn. And if a more distinct noise is produced when turning your car right, the left bearing is damaged. Immediately replacing the worn bearing can prevent further damage and additional expense. So do not put off replacement and secure a new bearing as soon as possible.

Remember though to clean regularly the new bearing to keep its reliable service for a long time. This way there will be fewer intervals before the wheel bearings are replaced. Parts Train carries high quality Volkswagen wheel bearing that will fit superbly with your car. We offer an easy to navigate catalog to facilitate simple and quick browsing. We have customer service personnel available all day to assist you for your questions and queries.