When you let a child draw what does he often put? Just like how you were when you were a kid you'd probably draw a boxlike figure, with circles near the corners of it indicating the tires. That's just one of the main features of every car doesn't it? Its tires! Today, car's are very far from looking like boxes, especially when you get a glimpse of Saab's air plane like feel. Saab vehicles, knowing that they started out with making planes before making cars, had managed to incorporate the plane features in their models aerodynamics. They are one of the most innovative line ups there is with regards to performance and appearance in the automotive industry.

Every great car has great responsibility. This is actually true if you want to maintain your vehicle for a very long time. Maintenance and regular check ups are a few of the responsibilities that you have to keep for your automotive to stay in shape. On your Saab wheels, which are also a part of the suspension system, you should regularly check the grease of your Saab wheel bearings. The wheel bearing of your car performs two important jobs in your Saab's vehicle suspension: first it allows the wheels or tires to rotate with quite a minimal amount of friction and secondly, it helps support the vehicle's weight.

Imagine that, the vehicle's weight. That's not as light as a feather if you get what I mean, and the wheel bearings are like marble size that are packed in a hub which are properly sealed in to prevent intrusion from corrosive elements that could contribute to its early wear. However, there are times where we wouldn't be able to notice that the seals had been broken or something and when water, dirt or dust goes into the wheel bearings, it contaminates it and the grease that smoothen the movement would leak out causing a very rough rotation. Constant use of a car with a wheel bearing problem could be really risky.

Besides that, your vehicle's wheel bearing are crafted to last for at least 150,000 miles. If you've managed to take care of it, after this said span of mileage, you are obliged to replace it to extend your wheels and your automotives life. A wheel bearing failure or wear can cause your wheel to let loose during a drive, and you can just imagine the effects of this nasty incident. To avoid reaching the worst from it, make sure that you regularly check and repack your wheel bearings with grease.

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