Next to your engine and brake system, the wheels are among the essential components of your Porsche. With the elegance and performance that this stylish vehicle offers, it would necessarily need highly functional wheel system. But the entire wheel system does not only mean the tires. As it is composed of several parts, the entire wheel system should work hand in hand in keeping your Porsche running smoothly and efficiently. The wheel bearing is one of these vital wheel system components that functions in helping the other parts to keep your wheels rotating in the direction you desire.

Your Porsche wheel bearing functions in supporting the weight of the vehicle and allowing the wheels to function with minimal friction. To efficiently support the weight of your Porsche, the wheel bearings must be able to endure great side loads. High quality bearings are crafted from heavy duty and high grade steel. The rollers and the inner and outer races are case hardened to toughen the surface of the metal. This feature allows the bearing to resist wear and withstand loads effectively. On an average, most wheel bearings will last for over 100,000 miles but may deteriorate if contaminated and misadjusted.

The most common cause of wheel bearing failure is contamination of the lubricant by foreign materials. Water or soap can cause the bearing to rust and deteriorate. If you have gone through a high pressured car wash or have driven through deep water, have your bearings inspected, cleaned and repacked with grease. And when you are cleaning your wheels, avoid directly spraying hot soapy water on the bearings. Damaged and leaking bearings can cause the grease to leak out of the bearings and dirt, grime and water to enter the bearing cavity.

Oftentimes, the first sign of wheel bearing failure is noise. When you hear a rumbling or squeaking noise when driving on the area of the wheels, it is an indication that trouble is on the way. You need to immediately check the bearings and repair or replace it as necessary. If you ignore the problem long enough, your wheel bearing will fail altogether which could be potentially deadly to you. Bearing play is another symptom of a bad bearing. If you feel too much play in the bearing upon inspection, replacement is necessary.

Preventive maintenance and service can help prolong the service life of your Porsche wheel bearings. Make it habit to inspect and grease the bearing every 30,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer. But when repair and cleaning won't do, immediately secure replacement. Parts Train is here to offer you high quality Porsche wheel bearing from leading manufacturers. We carry a variety of wheel bearings that will surely fit with your vehicle.