While the rims of your Pontiac G6 rotate, they produce lots of friction that may slow down or perhaps damage components of your car. The part that's responsible for lowering friction is the wheel bearing, that's also responsible for holding the body weight of the car. Wheel bearings include oil sealed inside to help reduce friction. Oil may drip out when the bearing seals wear out, decreasing its potency opposed to friction and may lead it to split. Your Pontiac G6 wheel bearing should be looked at and cleaned at around every 30,000 miles run so you can detect and fix problems right away.

In case you notice that your Pontiac G6 wheel bearings are in need of replacement, then order a new one immediately. Using a bad wheel bearing, your Pontiac G6 and its remaining parts are put through additional pressure due to the bearing's reduced effectiveness. An OE-quality Pontiac G6 wheel bearing can provide you and your car with enhanced performance and lengthier service life.

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