Have you ever wondered how things like the wheels of your vehicle rotate so easily without producing noise? The answer lies within your Pontiac wheel bearing. The wheel bearing allows the seamless rotation of the wheels by reducing both friction and pressure. Without the bearing, your wheel could have suffered more frequently fro, damages brought by friction and cost you greatly on repairs and replacements. The wheel bearing basically works just like any typical bearing found in bicycles and even in household apparatus.

Before we can fully understand how a wheel bearing really works, it is best to discuss the basic ideas first. When a certain object in motion comes in contact with another object, the tendency is to oppose its relative motion. For example, when a particular object slides on a certain surface, the object moving will eventually slow down due to friction produced while it moves through the other surface. This so called friction is what could have prevented the wheels from spinning continuously. So basically, in your vehicle, you want this friction to be reduced, allowing the wheels to rotate with minimal resistance. Otherwise, the tires and your wheel assembly will have to be replaced earlier due to wear. And since bearings spin rather than slide, friction is greatly lessened.

Another notable feature of the wheel bearing is its load capacity. Typical wheel bearings are designed to hold the weight of the vehicle as well. Normally, they can hold up to 850 pounds small and average-sized vehicles. With larger vehicles like 6-ton SUVs, the wheel bearing is made to carry about 1,500 pounds. During the operation, wheel bearings deal with two kinds of loading, the radial loading and the thrust loading. The radial load is due to the weight of the car while the thrust load is due to the force when your vehicle makes a turn.

To guarantee the good condition of the wheel bearing, the wheel seal should always be in proper shape. The seal holds the grease in place to lubricate the bearing during its operation. Otherwise, the seal will have leaks causing the bearing to easily wear due to lose of lubrication. Road elements will also contaminate the part and damage the bearing cavity. An indication that the bearing is failing is when you hear a humming noise whenever the wheels rotate.

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