Aside from the various suspension parts like the shocks, pistons, and hydraulic substance, the wheel bearing is another key component to keep the wheels of your Peugeot from staying in tip-top shape. The bearings from you wheels are just like the typical bearings from a skate wheel and electric motor. Basically, they allow the wheels to rotate smoothly and quietly, thereby preventing it from early deterioration. If there are cases where the wheels are producing a growling sound when your car is running, the bearing could have already been damaged.

The main concept of a bearing is relatively simple yet vital in the whole operation of your vehicle. It reduces friction from the wheels through the use of smooth metal balls or rollers, and smooth inner and outer metal surfaces for the balls to roll against. Situated along the side of every wheel, the wheel bearing should also be able to carry the load of the vehicle given that the wheels are ultimately the ones that carry the entire weight of the vehicle. The two kinds of loading is called the radial load and thrust load. The radial load simply comes from the weight of the car. The thrust load is due to the cornering force when the car turns.

Most four-wheel driven vehicles have a pair of front wheel bearings and a pair of rear wheel bearings. For greater performance, they should be maintained in good condition. The wheel seal must also be leak-free to prevent the leakage of grease that keeps the bearings well lubricated during the whole operation, and at the same time prevent harmful particles from contaminating it. A common wheel bearing can hold an amount of weight that's up to 850 pounds. Whereas those bearings installed in larger vehicles, are usually designed to hold up to 1,500 pounds of weight.

Installation or adjustment of wheel bearings should be carefully done since incorrectly placed bearings can lead to early deterioration. Aside from that, the seal can leak and cause the grease to spill out. And without the grease to lubricate the part, the wheel will suffer from tremendous wear and will gradually cause noises and growling sounds. Another element that can cause the abrupt wear of the wheel bearing is water. Even the moisture of water can cause rusting and corrosion when disregarded.

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