If you want quality ride, then one of the components that you should be looking for is a reliable quality wheel bearing for your vehicle. Mounted in the four corners of a car, van, truck, and SUV, it allows the suspension to deliver seamless operation by reducing friction and pressure while the wheels are rotating. Among the notable parts that work with the wheel bearing are the shocks, coiled springs, pistons, and grease. Just like most of the suspension parts, you can find ample of bearings across the automotive market and one of which is the Oldsmobile wheel bearing.

Bearings are one of the common devices widely used not just for automobiles. In vehicles, however, they serve for more than just a single purpose. Theoretically, things roll better than when sliding on a rough surface. This is the whole concept and basic operation of wheel bearings. But aside from this basic task, they are also meant to deal with the load of the vehicle as well. The wheels are the only part that comes in direct contact with the ground, and thus the wheels and bearings should be able to carry huge amounts of load. Particularly, a bearing is subjected to either radial load or thrust load. The radial load is basically the weight of the car. The thrust load is the force generated upon the turning of a vehicle.

However, the constant activity of the bearings will lead to abrupt wear and tear without lubrication. Hence, the grease allows your wheel bearing to work more efficiently while prolonging its life span. The only problem would be when the seal is broken. The seal contains the lubricant and shields it from contaminants like moisture, water, dust, and debris. Deteriorated seals often cause leaks, and thus contaminants will start to penetrate which will eventually cause deterioration and corrosion.

Leaked seals can be easily repaired and rarely leads to serious damage when quickly attended to. However, when disregarded, it will eventually cause rumbling and growling sound especially when the wheels start to rotate. These are clear signs that the damage to the bearing has already gone severe due to the lack of lubrication. Have a mechanic inspect your wheel bearing and suspension parts to determine if there is a need for a replacement. And for your replacement needs, Parts Train is here to offer you outstanding replacement parts for all vehicle makes and models. If it is Oldsmobile wheel bearing you need, Parts Train's wide selection of top-notch parts will provide you the right product.