With either roller or bearings in construction, Mercury wheel bearing does two important jobs: to allow wheel rotation while supporting a significant portion of your vehicle's weight. A typical rear wheel drive vehicle have one wheel bearing on each end of the drive axle while front wheel drives two which often requires re-greasing every two years or every 24,000 miles of service for preventive maintenance. Seal bearing assemblies which are often used in modern vehicle applications require no maintenance. However, serviceable wheel bearing assemblies may have new seal replacement to extend the part's life efficiency.

The seals protect your Mercury wheel bearings from contamination. It prevents the intrusion of dust, dirt, debris, and even water which is a common cause of early damage. A typical bearing set could support for up to 1,500lbs load of your vehicle's weight plus cargo depending on the front to rear weight and pressure distribution among suspension components and supports. The part could last for up to 150,000 miles of following the course of your driving style with no fail. You need to critically evaluate its working condition and consider having routine check and maintenance to eliminate the risks of failure.

Consequently, driving through flooded streets will be inevitable specially when driving under unpredictable weather conditions. With a hub level water or excess rainwater level, your wheel bearing could possibly be contaminated without proper maintenance. Water or moisture is a common cause of bearing failure. It may contaminate the lubricant when you constantly drive over flooded areas even with the bearing seals intact. Check for play or noise to immediately detect potential signs of failure. Repacking with lubricant and resealing may be advised. When your vehicle uses sealed bearing assemblies, you need to replace the whole hub assembly for maintenance.

Good thing precision fitting and custom manufactured part replacements are conveniently available. Made from high grade and durable constructions, they offer long term and reliable service in delivering excellent driving experience Mercury engineers crafted for you to enjoy. Immediately acting on the first sign of failure may prevent more serious mechanical damages to progress saving you from more expensive repairs and multiple part replacements costs. Prolonging the use of worn and damaged wheel bearing sets is a major safety hazard as it often results to abnormal handling characteristics.

Go on and invest with quality part replacements to effective bring back the quality of service offered by your original mercury wheel bearings. The part needs to be properly aligned and fitted prior to installation which explains why wheel bearing replacements are recommended to be done by expert technicians. Maladjustments and misalignment only result to early wear and early replacements. Check the vehicle fitment listings available for Mercury wheel bearings to get the right parts that fit your ride when you visit Parts Train to purchase your replacement needs online.