The suspension system is important when it comes to the stability of your ride. It has to contain vital components at perfect condition. The Wheel bearings, as one of the vital parts of the suspension, must be capable of helping other suspension parts by performing its important tasks. The wheels that rotate at minimal friction are successfully supported by quality wheel bearings, which further support the vehicle's weight. Having a quality Infiniti Wheel bearing will result to an effective performance. Proper lubrication and elimination of contaminants are vitally required. Through an effective maintenance, the wheel seals become leak free so that the wheel bearings retain their efficiency.

The wheel hub is an important wheel bearing component. This is designed to bear the weight of your vehicle. Such weight is carried by the wheels as a rotational motion without generating friction. The wheel hubs contain either roller or ball bearings for efficient holding up of the vehicle's weight. RWD vehicles with solid axles have the rear wheel bearing mount on their axles. The front wheel bearings on older RWD vehicles often require repacking of grease every two years or 24,000 miles. Modern vehicles have wheel bearings that are sealed so that maintenance is not a requirement anymore.

Wheel bearings that have been damaged are often manifested by rumbling, growling, chirping or cyclic noise of any kind from the vicinity of the wheels while experiencing the feeling of looseness or roughness as the suspension is raised and the wheel is rotated by hand. Wheel bearings that have failed must be replaced right away before further damages make the wheel detached from the vehicle. Avoid such fearful accident that may come out of such wheel detachment.

A poor wheel bearing often manifests an annoying noise. Such noise is often proportional to your driving speed, which means that it does not change according to acceleration or deceleration. This is evidently brought by louder or quieter sound at particular speeds. Wheel bearing noises differ from the outer CV joint noises on a FWD vehicle. The noise from a faulty outer CV joint is usually brought when turning and not when driving straight ahead. Keep the noise out of your vehicle to sustain its "character" with elegant looks.

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