Wheel bearings are perfectly intended to help the suspension system with its important tasks. The wheels rotate at minimal friction because of the support given by the wheel bearings. These bearings further support the vehicle's weight. They have to be in a near-perfect condition to perform such functions effectively. Thus, one thing that must be kept is the proper lubrication and elimination of contaminants. In such maintenance, seals will be leak free and the wheel bearings will retain their efficiency.

The hub is an important Wheel Bearing component for holding up the weight of your vehicle. Weight is passed on to the wheels as a rotational motion without generating friction. The wheel hubs have either roller or ball bearings that help in carrying the vehicle's weight. On RWD vehicles with solid axles, the rear wheel bearings are mounted on the axles. The front wheel bearings on older rear-wheel drive cars and trucks often require "repacking" every two years or 24,000 miles. Fortunately, the wheel bearings on vehicles today are sealed and are not subjected to any maintenance.

Poor wheel bearings are manifested with rumbling, growling, chirping or cyclic noise of any kind from the vicinity of the wheels while having the feeling of looseness or roughness as you raise the suspension and rotate the wheel by hand. Once your Geo Wheel bearing has already worn out, replace it immediately before further damage makes the wheel detached from the vehicle. Obviously, such incident is very dangerous.

Noise is annoying and sometimes reprehensible! You have to take consideration of the great looks that you have established with your Geo vehicle so better keep that noise from ruining its appeal. The wheel bearing noise is usually proportional to your driving speed, meaning, it does not change according to acceleration or deceleration. The noise may just change when turning. This is evidently brought by louder or quieter sound at certain speeds. Wheel bearing noises are different with those produced by a worn out outer CV joint on a FWD vehicle. A faulty outer CV joint usually manifest noise when turning and not when driving straight ahead.

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