Fiat Wheel bearings are important components found in the suspension system of your vehicle. These are the ones that essentially allow the wheels to rotate at minimal friction. The wheel bearings are designed to be capable of supporting the vehicle's weight. These should be in near-perfect condition so that its important functions are effectively brought about. The wheel seals must be leak-free so that the lubricant is kept inside the bearings while avoiding contamination.

A Wheel bearing hub plays an important role in the Wheel Bearing assembly's job of carrying of the weight of vehicle. Such weight is transferred to the wheels as rotational motion without producing friction. The wheel hubs are consisted of either roller or ball bearings that help in bearing the vehicle's weight. On RWD vehicles that have solid axles, the rear wheel bearings mount on the axles. The front wheel bearings on older rear-wheel drive vehicles typically require "repacking" or reapplying of grease every two years or 24,000 miles. Wheel bearings found on modern vehicles are sealed and are basically not subjected to any maintenance.

Rumbling, growling, chirping, or cyclic noises of any kind from the vicinity of the wheels are commonly while raising the suspension and rotating the wheel by hand. These signs convey that you are having a wheel bearing failure. Damaged wheel bearings should be replaced right away because it may lead to detachment of the wheel from the vehicle, which is very dangerous. Controlling a three-wheeled vehicle at high speeds is the feat best left to a skilled stunt driver, thus when funny noises break through a wheel, the bearings should be checked immediately.

The noise from the wheel bearing is usually proportional to the vehicle's speed since it does not change according to acceleration or deceleration. This may just change when turning, as louder or even quieter sound is conveyed at defined speeds. The wheel bearing noises must not be confused with those generated by a worn outer CV joint on a FWD vehicle. The outer CV joint that has failed often makes noise when turning and not when driving straight ahead.

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