Almost everybody knows what the wheel do to your car. It is the one that makes the car move, right? But what we do not know is that, in order for your car to move easier, there must be additional support to carry the weight of your Cadillac. Inside the wheel hubs you will find a roller or ball bearings called as the wheel bearing that can do the task of supporting the weight of your car.

Aside from this, the Cadillac wheel bearing plays an important function in the suspension by allowing the wheels to rotate on a minimal friction. Even though most wheel bearings are made to last thousands of miles the everyday use of the car along with the huge amount of load that it carries it can make it become prone to damage and might lead to a useless function of the wheel bearing.

The first symptom of wheel bearing problem is the noise produced whenever you are driving. A noise of any kind like chirping and grinding within your wheels is a great indication that your car is brewing and an immediate attention is necessary. If this kind of noise is completely ignored, chances are you might lose a wheel while you are driving. Just imagine yourself maneuvering a three-wheeled car on a fast lane, what do you think would happen next? Probably the least thing that may happen is a serious car collision.

You should not confuse the noise that your wheel bearing usually do from a worn out outer CV joint. A bad CV joint only makes noise whenever the car is turning, not while driving a straight path. Wheel bearing noise comes proportional to the speed that the car takes. It does not change even though you accelerates or decelerates your car. The noise can become louder or change or even disappear at a certain speeds. Improper installation of this part might lead in failing it prematurely as a result of maladjustment with the case of serviceable bearings.

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