Are you having a problem with the wheel bearing of your car? Do you often hear noise every time you make a turn in a curved road? If you are hearing any growling, chirping or cyclic forms in any part of the wheels then it must be the wheel bearing of your car that you must watch out. If you are not aware on what wheel bearing is, it is the part that keeps your car's balance while it is on the road. Worn out wheel bearings must be replaced because failure of it may cause the wheel to come off the vehicle. The wheel bearings are the one who support the load that the wheel takes therefore providing a balance-effect every time your car takes a turn. They also reduce friction of rotating parts in the transmissions, transfer cases, front and rear drive axles, axle hub and wheel hubs, and on the universal joints. To do these tasks, it is a must for your wheel bearing to be in a near perfect condition. Along with it seals must be also leak free to keep unwanted elements in the wheel to be out of it.

Bearings are said to be the heroes behind the suave move of your car. They are the load carrier that manages to balance excessive amount of weight that your BMW car can carry. Mostly on BMW cars, BMW wheel bearing is located in the wheel hubs but on a rear wheel drive vehicles from which they have solid axles, they are mounted on the axle.

When an old bearing is worn out, the old grease should be removed first and have it inspected and repacked with the fresh grease. This act will remove any contaminants from the hub that may cause problems later on. Wheel bearings require periodic maintenance but most of it is not given the proper attention that it needs, except maybe when the wheel is being relined. Although varies in different designs, all wheel bearings (most especially the adjustable variety) needs to be cleaned greased for every 30,000 miles of drive.

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