Your Mitsubishi Eclipse automobile is a sealed system, protected from external variables by materials referred to as weatherstripping. Significant as it is, damage on your Mitsubishi Eclipse weatherstripping should be avoided no matter what - or you might have to face costly repair of your car cabin.

Weatherstrippings are basic rubber components which are positioned in the linking areas and spaces separating the doors and other automobile openings from the key structure of your Mitsubishi Eclipse vehicle, keeping the vehicle airtight and water-tight constantly. Degeneration of the said materials will mean free spaces in your vehicle, spaces which may allow the entry of debris similar to dirt and dust which might result in extreme deterioration of the internal parts of your auto. Another impact of weatherstripping damage is insufficient interior cooling caused by the gaps in your car whereby cool air seeps out. Make it a point that you don't permit these instances to take place, thus change the damaged weatherstripping in your Mitsubishi Eclipse immediately.

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