Your Mercury Cougar automobile is a sealed system, protected from external factors by components known as weatherstripping. Nevertheless, the Mercury Cougar weatherstripping can weaken over time, leading to issues such as extreme sounds, along with the entrance of damaging variables like rainwater and snow which can lead to damage in the vehicle cabin.

Weatherstrippings are simple rubber components that are situated into the attachment points and spaces separating the doors, windows, and other car openings from the major body of your Mercury Cougar auto, keeping the auto airtight and watertight at all times. Degeneration of such materials will create wide spaces in your car, spaces that can permit the entry of debris similar to dust and dirt which could bring about excessive degeneration of the interior components of your automobile. Another result of weatherstripping damage will be not enough interior cooling because of the gaps in your car through which cold air gets out. Make it a point that you don't permit such problems to come about, so replace the cracked weatherstripping in your Mercury Cougar right away.

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