Your Dodge Intrepid car is a sealed unit, protected from outside elements by parts referred to as weatherstripping. Significant as it is, damage on your Dodge Intrepid weatherstripping has to be avoided at all costs - or you may well face costly restoration of your vehicle interior.

You'll discover rubber weatherstrippings in your automobile windows and doors, working as a cushion to close off the open connection in between the said pieces and your car body and secure the interior of your Dodge Intrepid. When those components turn out to be damaged, all the damaging elements outside will get within the inner area of your auto - in case it is raining, rain water would definitely get in and leave your car seats and flooring soaking wet. In the same manner, you'll notice inadequate amount of cold air in your auto cabin when the weatherstripping is weakened because it can enable chilly air to drip out. Make it a point that you do not allow those instances to happen, so replace the damaged weatherstripping in your Dodge Intrepid right away.

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