Your Cadillac Sts car is a sealed unit, safeguarded against external elements by materials known as weatherstripping. Nevertheless, the Cadillac Sts weatherstripping could get damaged over time, causing troubles such as noise, together with the entrance of harmful elements such as rain and snow that could bring about problem in the automobile cabin.

Weatherstrippings are basic rubber supplies that are positioned into the linking points and breaks isolating the doors, windows, and some other vehicle slots from the main chassis of your Cadillac Sts automobile, always keeping the vehicle air-tight and water-tight at all times. When the said components turn out to be defective, all the damaging factors outside will go within the car interior - in case it is pouring down rain, rainwater would definitely gain access and leave your car seats and flooring soaking wet. Another effect of weatherstripping damage is inadequate interior cooling because of the spaces in your vehicle in which cool air seeps out. You cannot enable those things to happen, so switch the weakened weatherstripping in your Cadillac Sts right away.

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