Your Volvo 850 water pump may already be flawed-you should confirm to iron out the issue in no time and protect your car engine from overheating. The water pump is operated using a belt and makes use of centrifugal force to stream coolant throughout the compartment to always keep the car engine at acceptable temperature level. On a truly hot day or when trapped in heavy traffic, your car may get too hot instantly and the passenger compartment may not be ventilated adequately.

A high-pitched noise is usually your warning to a busted Volvo 850 water pump that has to be fixed. The pump's weep hole is sealed using a gasket, that's why when this seal is busted, coolant will surely leak out. When the pump's bearing, gasket, or the entire unit acts up, you should refrain from taking your car out for a spin till the busted part is restored (unless you want to allow the engine to overheat). To prevent the engine from heating up, it's advisable that you repair the torn water pump gasket or replace the pump itself for your own sake. You should shop for a topnotch OE replacement that's specifically designed for your car's engine cooling system for perfect fit and excellent quality.

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