When engine temperature is climbing beyond ideal level, you need to to inspect your Toyota Celica water pump for problems. Driven by a belt, the water pump streams coolant through centrifugal force within the engine compartment for maximum cooling effects. On a truly hot day or when stuck in crazy traffic, your automobile may heat up instantly and the cabin may not be cooled accordingly.

You will know your Toyota Celica water pump is about to fail when you notice that characteristic noise that tells you it needs maintenance and repair. Coolant might leak from the pump's weep hole once the gasket is already torn. If the pump's bearing, pulley, or the entire unit acts up, you'd better stay away from driving your vehicle till the busted part is restored (unless you want to allow the engine to get too hot). To prevent the engine from getting too hot, it's highly advised that you fix the broken seal of your water pump or replace the whole unit for your own benefit. You'd better look for a trusty replacement unit-one that's specially built for your car's engine cooling system for custom fit and highly reliable quality.

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