A pump, by definition, is a mechanism that's used to transport liquid, gases or slurries. It carries gasses or liquids from lower to higher pressure and surmounts the pressure difference by putting in energy to the system. Among the commonly used pumps in the automotive industry is the water pump. Automotive water pump, like Suzuki water pump is a very vital component of the engine cooling system. It is the device that's responsible in moving the coolant, which is used in order to cool the engine. The water pump transports the coolant by means of the passages or water jackets in the engine cylinder block and cylinder head then going out into the radiator.

The water pump of your Suzuki vehicle is typically motorized by the engine via serpentine belt or V-belt. There are times when it is driven by a timing belt. A water pump is made up of a housing having a shaft rotating on the bearing that's pressed inside. A pulley can be found on the outer side and it is installed on the shaft. Inside, you can find a seal which prevents the coolant from leaking out and an impeller which works like a centrifugal pump. You will know if your Suzuki water pump is already defective because you can observe coolant leaks, damaged or noisy bearings, corroded or defective impeller. A defective water pump must not be neglected because it can cause the engine to overheat, resulting to severe engine damage. If it becomes damaged, the whole water pump assembly has to be replaced.

When replacing your Suzuki water pump, always be aware of sharp instruments, hot objects and other dangerous materials. Do not substitute equipments because it might compromise your safety or your vehicle's performance. Before working, be sure that your automobile is supported by a jack stand. Let the engine cool first before working and make sure that the ignition is turned off. Take away the battery cable from the battery. Compare your replacement unit to the old one to be sure that you get the right replacement part.

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