Just like us, vehicles also need to disperse heat to reduce excessive heat. The job of keeping car engine's cool is conferred to the cooling system. The main purpose of the cooling system is to reduce heat, keep temperature at its most efficient level to keep the engine running and to put the engine at the right temperature right after it starts working.

Your Saturn's cooling system is no different from other cars. It keeps your engine from overheating. To be able to do this, it has to have a fully functioning water pump. Water pumps uses water to transfer heat in the cooling system. Because water can carry heat at a greater distance but in lesser temperature, water pumps have been used in most vehicles today. An inlet near the center of the pump allows the water to hit the pump vanes on its way back from the radiator. The vanes then push the water out of the pump and into the engine, thereby keeping the engine cool.

Day to day use of your Saturn will, however, deteriorate your water pump. When rust accumulates in the pump you can expect a failed pump sooner or later. For this reason, you have to take few precautionary measures to keep your water pump in good condition. Flushing can keep rust, dust, air and gasses from damaging the pump. You have to do this regularly to keep these impurities out of your cooling system. Flushing can also keep gases from accumulating in the pump. Remember that when there is a considerable amount of combustion gases in the pump, the head gasket may break and cause leak.

As much as possible use purified water in your pump. This way the minerals such as lime and calcium will not clog the radiator. You can also use tap water from time to time. But take note that the salt sediments on this type of water will wear out the cooling system. So, use tap water only when necessary. It is also recommended that you replace your coolant every two or three years. Since the coolants may lose its anticorrosive power over the years, make it a point to change them when it is time to replace them. Also, if things look bad with your water pump, arrange for a replacement immediately. A worn out water pump will increase your chance of overheating every time you are on the road. So make sure that your water system is always in top-notch condition to ensure that you get the most out of your vehicles lifespan.

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