The engine of your Pontiac works best in a hot temperature. When you turn on the ignition switch, it starts to heat up. The ideal temperature during combustion must be achieved to aid in burning the fuel and to limit the production of harmful pollutants. This temperature also keeps the engine lubricant thinner and therefore enables a smoother and a less power-consuming operation. Furthermore, with the engine working more freely, its components experience less wearing.

Once the engine starts and the ideal temperature is achieved, fuel continuously burns inside the cylinders. As the engine works harder, it also generates more heat. The engine may get very hot and exceed the ideal temperature as combustion progresses. When this happens, it may start to overheat and fail. Therefore, the great amount of heat produced must be properly regulated, and the system concerned with this task is the engine cooling system.

The cooling system is designed to gather the heat generated during combustion. Once the engine is hot enough, the system works to maintain the ideal temperature and to properly dissipate the excess heat produced. This heat dissipation is done with the use of coolant circulated all around the engine through your Pontiac water pump. The water pump consists of a pulley and a rotor, driven by a belt connected to the engine's crankshaft. It is this pump which enables the coolant to travel from the radiator, throughout the engine, and back to the radiator. As the coolant is circulated, it gathers all the excess heat and is then sent back to the radiator so that the heat will be properly dissipated.

As your vehicle runs, the coolant continuously moves throughout the cooling system and the engine. Significantly, because of the water pump, the coolant is able to perform its vital function. Without the pump, the coolant won't be able to circulate and cooling cannot possibly take place. The heat in the engine will then build up and overheating will result. When this happens in the middle of your drive, you won't have any choice but to pull over and wait for the smoke to clear. But worse, this can bring more damages to the various engine components other than the inconvenience that it will cause you.

Have your Pontiac water pump regularly checked to keep it in tip top shape. When it already starts failing, you can get a replacement product. Parts Train has a wide selection of water pump for different makes and models of vehicles. We have an accessible online catalog through which you can simply browse to find a high quality water pump for your Pontiac.