If engine overheating is one of your driving pet peeves, then perhaps you will want to know that one cause of this problem is a defective water pump. Engine overheating, as you might very well know, is one of the more annoying incidents that any driver on the road can encounter. If your stock water pump is not functioning properly, the engine coolant is not circulated throughout the engine, thus resulting to engine overheating. And when your engine overheats, take active steps towards addressing this problem since this is a serious one. An overheated engine can lead to other various troubles within your vehicle such as warped heads, blown head gaskets, and a number of cracks and other tears in the engine which can surely undermine its overall performance and function.

Actually, the water pump is a small impeller-like pump that circulates coolant throughout the engine's cooling system. The water pump is usually mounted on the engine and is usually driven by the fan belt, alternator belt, or the overhead cam timing belt. The pump shaft has a large bearing and a seal which will typically start to leak after around 40,000 miles or so. The water pump can be replaced with a new one or a rebuilt unit, and the degree of difficulty varies depending on the accessibility of the pump.

The moment you replace your vehicle's timing belt after the manufacturer's specified time of replacement or after meeting the maximum mileage, then this is also the right time for you to inspect the water pump. A good way for you to ensure that the water pump stays in perfect condition is to have the said part regularly checked by your mechanic and to have your Peugeot engine and cooling system thoroughly and regularly inspected. Depending on the severity of the damage on the water pump, you can either have the said part repaired or replaced.

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