When engine temp is climbing beyond acceptable level, you need to to take a look at your Oldsmobile 88 water pump for problems. The water pump runs through a belt and uses centrifugal force in order to stream coolant around the compartment to help keep the car engine at acceptable temperature level. Whenever there's insufficient air going into the grille, your car will most likely get too hot and the cab may not be suitably cooled.

A squeaking sound is normally your hint to a busted Oldsmobile 88 water pump that must be replaced. Coolant can drip straight from the pump's weep hole if the gasket is already damaged. Once the pump's gasket, pulley, or the entire unit conks out, you should avoid driving your vehicle before the busted part is replaced (unless you it's all right for you to allow the engine to overheat). To prevent the automotive engine from heating up, it's advisable that you repair the broken water pump gasket or change the pump itself for your own sake. You'd better get a trusty stock replacement that's specifically designed for your car's cooling system for flush fit and highly reliable functionality.

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