In order to run, the engine needs to convert the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical energy. And in the process of conversion, the fuel needs to undergo combustion. The initial result of the combustion process is the production of thermal energy. The engine will again generate this heat to produce mechanical power. Essentially, if there's higher amount of heat, the powerhouse will have more than sufficient source of mechanical energy. The odd thing with engine is that, it cannot hold too much heat. That's basically due to their material which can melt under extremely high temperature level. Thus, the so called engine cooling system exists in every vehicle.

The cooling system's main responsibility is to maintain the engine's normal operating temperature level so to prevent it from overheating. It's comprised of engine block, hoses, fan, radiator, thermostat and water pump. With the use of coolant which is a mixture of water and antiboil/antifreeze substances, this system is able to dissipate the unnecessary heat in the engine. It works by absorbing the thermal energy and transporting it to the radiator for actual heat dissipation. Operationally, the coolant is circulated through the engine with the help of Oldsmobile water pump. This particular component forces the coolant to travel from the radiator to the engine block, wherein a hose connecting the two serves as its passage. As it leaves the engine, another hose leads it back to the radiator.

Oldsmobile water pumps come in several designs, depending on their applications and location. There's the impeller type that uses a rotating impeller which enables the coolant to reach the engine block. This one needs rapid rotation, subsequently causing the drive belt to easily wear or loosen. At such point, slippage will be allowed and lead to the impairment of the cooling system's performance. Another is the water pump that features spring-loaded seal. That seal prevents the coolant from leaking around the pump shaft. There's as well the modern type of water pump which carries a pre-packed ball bearings sealed at each end for it to no longer need lubrication.

Like the ordinary auto parts, the Oldsmobile water pump is as well subject to wear and tear and would get defected in due time. When such time comes that you already need replacement, PartsTrain is here to provide. Our store carries virtually all types of water pumps for nearly every vehicle make and model. And through PartsTrain's user-friendly site, finding the right one for your Oldsmobile will only take minutes.