The water pump can be considered as the heart of the vehicle's cooling system because its task is to constantly move engine coolant around the said system. It gets the cooled anti-freeze from the vehicle's radiator and pushes it to the cylinder head, engine block, heater core and then back to the radiator to be cooled again. If ever the pump fails to perform the said job, the cooling system will not be able to function well and consequently, the engine will overheat and will encounter severe damage.

The power of the water pump is usually taken from the engine. So, if the engine is off, you can't expect the pump to work. Some units are driven by a belt and pulley while others run by means of a chain or gear. A shaft which contains an impeller receives the power from the pump. The impeller will then rotate and circulate the coolant. The rotation of the impeller and the shaft takes place on a sealed bearing and this bearing is the water pump component that typically wears out.

A damaged water pump will usually experience coolant leak and as its bearing wears out, it will make undesirable noise. Among the symptoms of a defective water pump are coolant leak starting off from the pump itself and a wet engine. Even if your vehicle's water pump is totally damaged or just starting to wear out, getting a replacement unit is necessary because if it can't be considered as a matter of necessity, it is significantly a matter of preventative maintenance. So if ever you notice that your Mitsubishi water pump is leaking or it fails to function well, replacement is obviously needed.

There are automotive water pumps than can easily be accessed and can be repaired by simple hand tools and basic mechanical skills. Other types of water pumps particularly those that are driven by timing belt or chain are positioned inside the engine. This type of water pump can be best replaced when servicing the engine. For your Mitsubishi water pump need, Parts train is the place to shop. Here, you can find various types of good-quality water pumps for various vehicle makes and models including Mitsubishi water pump. We offer you the most impressive line of Mitsubishi parts and accessories so you can always get Mitsubishi water pump from us anytime you need it.