Isn't it annoying when your car suddenly overheats right when you are speeding down the freeway or when you are stuck in traffic? This can be a source of stress not only for your vehicle buy for you as well. It is, therefore, important that your cooling system is running well to avoid such situations.

When you own a Mini vehicle it is vital that your water pump is functioning at its best. The water pump is essentially the part that keeps water flowing throughout your engine system to keep your engine cool. As soon as you start your engine the water pump starts spinning as well. When the water has fully opened the thermostat it will allow the water to flow from the radiator to the engine and back to the radiator. Drag racers often use electric water pumps. This type of pump does not take any horsepower from your engine, thus allowing you to quickly cool down the engine.

When your Mini water pump is not able to function well, this will result to overheating that can, in turn, wear out your engine system. There are several ways to determine if your water pump is damaged. First, see if the pulley belts are too baggy or too stiff. When you try to rock the belt and it shakes, then it is a sign that the bearings has worn out. A growling noise is also a sign that the bearing is loose. Take note that the bearing is essential to the water pump as it is the part that keeps the shaft from turning freely. A leaking coolant can likewise signify that your water pump needs to be replaced.

Thus, to save yourself from spending thousand of dollars in a major engine repair make sure that you have enough water and coolant in your engine system and regularly check your hoses for leaks. And if your water pump has fully deteriorated replace it right away. Do not wait till the rest of your engine system gets worn out. Remember that your safety and the wellbeing of your engine system depend on your water pump. And bear in mind that appropriate part replacement is crucial to the life of your vehicle and your water pump is a huge part of that lifespan, so do not ignore it.

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