Your Mercury Topaz water pump may already be malfunctioning-you should confirm to iron out the trouble in no time and protect your car engine from overheating. Driven by a belt, the water pump distributes coolant by means of centrifugal force within the engine block for utmost cooling results. On a very hot day or when trapped in a traffic jam, your vehicle may get too hot in no time and the passenger compartment may not be aired out properly.

A high-pitched noise is often your warning to a faulty Mercury Topaz water pump that should be replaced. The water pump's weep hole is sealed using a gasket, that's why once this is torn, coolant will surely leak out. If the water pump's gasket, bearing,, or the whole unit comes apart, you'd better refrain from taking your car out for a spin until the busted part is fixed (unless you it's all right for you to allow the engine to overheat). To prevent the engine from getting too hot, it's advisable that you repair the torn pump gasket or upgrade the whole unit for your own good. You should look for a topnotch OE replacement-one that's specifically designed for your vehicle's cooling assembly for custom fit and highly reliable quality.

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