Have you ever experienced an engine overheating? If you have then you are probably familiar with a water pump. All vehicles including your Mercedes Benz has a water pump. There are a lot of metal under your car's hood. Most of this metal surrounds your engine's internal parts. These metals give off a lot of heat during driving. That is why your car's cooling system must be able to effectively and safely disperse that heat. This is where your water pump comes in. The water pump is the most important component of your Mercedes Benz's cooling system.

There are various designs of water pump and most of these pumps include a rotating impeller. This impeller is the one responsible for forcing the coolant to the engine block. Most water pumps also have a spring loaded seal. This way water leakage around the pump shaft will be avoided. Basically, when you start your engine the water pump will start spinning. It will push water into your engine block until the thermostat opens. After the thermostat has opened water will flow through the water neck and into the top radiator hose then to the radiator. When the water has reached the radiator it will return through the bottom radiator hose through the water pump and back into the block.

If you want an improved engine performance you might want to consider switching to a high performance water pump. This type of water pump offers an improved flow rate. It is also easier to turn and puts less pull on the motor. Additionally, a high performance water pump is prone to less cavitation. This means that when water pump cavitates it spins without pushing water, thus creating air pockets. These air pockets will in turn create hot spots which can be a cause of a big problem for you.

The ultimate sign that your water pump is broken is repeated overheating. When this happens the head gaskets will break or bend and this could mean thousands of dollars in repair and labor charges. If you see any leak of damage in your water pump or when continuous overheating of your engine occurs, consider replacing your water pump. This way you can avoid any other damage in the other parts of your engine and save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

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