If engine temp is climbing beyond acceptable level, you need to to check your Mazda Pickup water pump for rough spots. The water pump runs through a belt and relies on centrifugal force in order to distribute coolant around the compartment to help keep the car engine at ideal temperatures. On a truly hot day or when stuck in a traffic jam, your car may heat up easily and the cabin may not be ventilated adequately.

A high-pitched noise is often your warning to a broken Mazda Pickup water pump that has to be upgraded. The water pump's weep hole is fitted with a gasket, that is why when this seal is torn, coolant will leak out. When the water pump's gasket, bearing,, or the entire unit conks out, you'd better avoid driving your car till it is restored (unless you it's okay for you to allow the automotive engine to get too hot). To prevent the car engine from overheating, it's highly advised that you fix the busted pump gasket or upgrade the entire unit for your own benefit. To ensure stress-free setup and superb overall performance, use a first-class OE replacement that's specially constructed for your car's cooling system.

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