Lexus GS400 water pump is very crucial to your car's cooling system because it removes heat from the engine and keeps your engine temperature in a controllable level. Water pump is a centrifugal pump that is driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. It circulates coolant from the radiator to the engine and back to the radiator. It consists of a shaft together with a pulley on one end and a pump rotor on the other end. When the pulley is spun by the belt, the rotor starts to circulate the coolant.

All water pumps are made with cast-iron or die-cast aluminum housings and are produced to meet and replace the OEM equipment. The water pump is consists of an inlet that is near the center in order for the coolant to return from the radiator once it hits the pump vanes. The pump vanes fling the coolant to the outside of the water pump where it enters the engine. It also comes in various designs for various purposes. The majority includes a rotating impeller which transmits the coolant through the engine block. However, on most rear-wheel drive a car, the fan is installed at the end of the water pump shaft.

The water pump usually has a spring-loaded seal in order to prevent leakage around the pump shaft while some water pumps are fitted with pre-packed ball bearings sealed at each end so lubrication is not necessary. Before, assembly, all sealing and bearings must be tested to avoid any leakage trouble or a possibility of a water pump failure. It is important that your car is installed with a fully-functioning water pump to prevent overheating and wear and tear of the engine. The circulating capability of the water pump will certainly cool down your engine at a manageable temperature.

If your water pump is not in its peak condition or is not functioning correctly, the engine coolant just sit in the block and heads, without getting delivered to the radiator to exchange heat. No cooling from the radiator would mean overheating and it would lead to warped heads, blown head gasket, and a lot more damage to your Lexus GS400. Parts Train can help solve your problem. We offer a huge selection of Lexus GS400 water pump. With our comprehensive and easy-to-navigate catalog, you are guaranteed to find the right water pump for your Lexus GS400 easily and quickly.