In the well-organized performance of your Kia Sportage the cooling system plays a critical role. It makes sure that your engine does not overheat by dissipating. It also allows the engine to heat up fast and then to keep it at a constant temperature. To be able to do that the cooling system is composed of several other components, each one having its specific role in the overall function of the cooling system. These components are the radiator, thermostat, transmission cooling lines, the lower and upper hoses and the water pump.

The Kia Sportage Water Pump is a small-impeller pump mounted on the engine and is driven by the fan belt, alternator belt or sometimes the timing belt. The water pump's primary function is to circulate the coolant through the engine's cooling system. Almost all water pumps are centrifugal pumps consisting of inlets, outlets, housing, a shaft, a rotating impeller, a volute and sometimes a shroud. On the outer side of the shaft a pulley is mounted. Located on the inner side is the impeller that acts like a centrifugal pump as well as the seal to keep the coolant from leaking. The water pump moves the coolant through the water jackets into the engine cylinder block then to the cylinder head and into the radiator. This whole process removes the heat from the engine by removing the heat from the coolant before it goes back to the engine.

There are different water pump designs depending on its purpose. Most rear wheel drive cars have the fan installed on the end of the water pump shaft. Water pumps of this type usually have spring-loaded seal to prevent water leakage around the pump shaft. The rotating impeller which is responsible for transmitting the coolant is installed in all designs. While some water pumps have pre-packed ball bearings at each end so lubrication will not be necessary.

Making sure that every component of your cooling system is working perfectly saves you a lot of problems and headaches. Faulty water pump can cause the engine to overheat causing graver damage to the engine itself such as cracks and tears on the engine itself which can sabotage its performance, deformed heads and blown head gaskets. Common water pump problems are coolant leaks, noisy or defective bearing and damaged or corroded impeller. A damaged water pump is best replaced. Here at Parts Train, we have a selection of water pump replacements, including a Kia Sportage Water Pump made from top quality manufacturers built from OEM specifications that will ensure perfect fit to your car.