One of the serious problems that could happen in your Kia Rio ride with little or no notice at all is having a failed water pump. Most of the time, you only take notice of your water pump when your car overheats as you drive down the road. As a vital component of the cooling system, your Kia Rio water pump have to be maintained in top shape at all times. Taking particular attention to your water pump will greatly increase your chance of knowing when the pump is nearing its failure. Investing in premium grade Kia Rio water pump will let you drive through the hottest and sunniest weather heat-free and trouble-free.

Your Kia Rio water pump is what circulates the engine coolant through the cooling system. It moves the coolant through the passages in the engine cylinder block and cylinder head and out into the radiator. The pump is usually driven by a v-belt or serpentine belt. It is composed of housing with a shaft turning on the bearing pressed inside. The inner side of the pump has a seal to keep the coolant from leaking out and the outer side has a pulley mounted on the shaft. Aside from making the water flow through the cooling system, water pumps also monitor the rate of the coolant's flow. A very fast coolant flow means that there is not enough time for the water blocks to convey heat to the coolant. Conversely, a very sluggish coolant flow mean that heat is not dispersed fast enough to keep the computer from overheating.

Routine maintenance though of your Kia Rio water pump is vital to keep the efficient service of the part for a long time. Over time, the pump could fail and wear out. Usual problems in the water pumps include defective bearing, damaged impeller and coolant leaks. As soon as you notice these signs in your water pump immediately secure replacement. A defective pump can cause the engine to overheat which can cause serious engine damage. Sometimes, it is recommended that you replace your water pump at the same time the timing belt is replaced. After all, the job requires little effort and pump is subject to wear in the long run.

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