Your Kia is composed of a variety of systems working all together to allow your car to run flawlessly. The electrical system, the exhaust system, the cooling system, the ignition system, the engine system, and the brake system are just some of those. All of these are important to the whole operation of your Kia but it is probably the cooling system that serves the most crucial job. And this is maybe the reason why your car's manual recommends a regular cooling system service.

Your car's cooling system serves two functions. First, it keeps your engine away from overheating, especially during hot weather conditions and second, it helps avoid freezing in cold weather situations. In other words, it keeps the temperature just right inside your car. But how your car's cooling system serves its purpose depends on its components. A radiator, a mix of water and coolant or antifreeze, a radiator pressure cap, a fan, an overflow tank, hoses to and from the radiator, a thermostat and its housing, and a water pump makes up your entire Kia cooling system.

Your Kia water pump is the major component of your car's cooling system. It is in charge to keep the coolant mixture flow through the system. It serves its function as soon as you start your engine. A belt driven by the crankshaft allows your Kia water pump to begin spinning. Then, it forces the water through the engine block in anticipation of the thermostat to open. Once the thermostat opens, the pump allows the coolant to travel through the water neck to the radiator hose and back to the radiator again. On some late-model automobiles, the coolant goes all the way through the thermostat from the radiator and into the block.

If you're suffering from frequent overheating lately, the reason is a bad Kia water pump. It has leaks perhaps so it's not functioning well. Remember that a defective water pump just sits in the block and heads, it won't be able to deliver coolant to the radiator and trade its heat. No cooling from the radiator means overheating and overheating will lead to blown head gaskets, warped heads and severe engine damage. This will make you realize that maintenance really matters. Then again, there's nothing you can do but to have it replaced.

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