When engine temperature is climbing off the scale, you need to to inspect your Jeep Wrangler water pump for damage. The water pump is operated using a belt and uses centrifugal force in able to stream coolant throughout the compartment to help keep the automotive engine at acceptable temperature range. On a very hot day or when caught up in a traffic jam, your ride may overheat in no time and the cabin may not be ventilated accordingly.

You know your Jeep Wrangler water pump is about to fail when you hear that unmistakable squeaking sound, which means it demands service. Coolant might leak out of the pump's weep hole when the gasket is already ripped. Once the pump's bearing, gasket, or the entire unit conks out, you'd better refrain from taking your vehicle out for a spin before the busted part is fixed (unless you want to risk engine overheating). To prevent the engine from overheating, it's advisable that you restore the busted pump gasket or upgrade the entire unit for your own safety and convenience. To ensure stress-free fitting and great overall performance, choose a first-class replacement pump that is specifically built for your vehicle's engine cooling assembly.

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