The main enemy of Jeep Liberty engine is heat. As you drive on the road, the internal combustion engine of your car produces enormous amount of heat that when left uncooled can destroy your engine and its metal parts. This is where the cooling system comes in handy. The system is basically composed of several parts that work together in keeping your engine heat-free and operating at the ideal working temperature. All these cooling system parts have their own function in maintaining the right temperature in the engine system. With a good set of cooling system in your Jeep Liberty, you are sure to get a heat-free and efficient engine for miles and miles of driving application.

Among the integral components of the cooling system is the water pump. The main responsibility of your Jeep Liberty water pump is to keep the anti-freeze or coolant moving through the system. It is usually installed in front of the engine and driven by a timing belt, fan belt or serpentine belt. To keep the pump protected, its housing is crafted from either cast iron or cast aluminum that has an impeller mounted on a spinning shaft. It has a pulley attached to the shaft on the outside of the pump. To keep the anti freeze from leaking out to the engine block, a gasket seals the pump.

Jeep Liberty water pump are designed from high grade materials. Precision technology is incorporated in its construction to allow it to offer long service life without fail. As the pumps efficient service of integral to the whole cooling system function, you need to extend proper care and maintenance to it. Periodic inspection is necessary to ensure if the pump is still in good condition or needs replacement. Once the pump requires replacement, you need to do it at once. Prolonging replacement is wrong economy that only increases your chance of experiencing overheating. Remember that overheating is dangerous to your engine and its components. So to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the long run, never take a failing water pump for granted.

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