Your car's cooling system work by sending the coolant through the passages in the engine block to pick up heat from the engine. After picking up heat, the heated coolant makes it way through a rubber hose to the radiator to be cooled by the air stream that gets into the engine compartment. When the coolant is cooled, it goes back to the engine to absorb more heat. In order to complete the cooling process effectively, the cooling system is made up several components that work together in performing the vital function of the system. The water pump keeps the coolant moving through the system, the thermostat controls the temperature of the coolant, the radiator cols the coolant, and the radiator cap controls the pressure in the system.

Among these parts the water pump has to be in good condition at all times to ensure that the coolant is circulated efficiently in the system. A good set of water pump in your Jeep Cherokee ride will ensure that you drive effectively and heat-free for thousands of miles. Your Jeep Cherokee water pump is a simple component that is usually mounted in front of the engine. The pump can either be driven by a fan belt, serpentine belt or timing belt. The pump housing is typically made of cast iron or cast aluminum with an impeller installed on a spinning shaft with a pulley connected to the shaft on the outside of the pump. A gasket seals the pump to keep the coolant from leaking out to the engine block.

Many motorists though only notice their water pumps when it has completely failed or overheating is experienced. If you think that your car has been running hot lately, you better check on the pump as soon as possible. If everything looks fine with the pump but it still keeps running hot, it is time to replace it. Do not delay replacement to avoid greater repair or replacement expense in the long run. Without a fully functional water pump in your car, the engine will produce great amount of heat enough to destroy it. So before you head down the road, better inspect your water pump first and ensure that it is in good running condition.

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