Who would want to deal with an overheating engine, no one right? That's the reason why your Jeep is equipped with a water pump. This device is of vital importance to your car's coolant circulation in your entire cooling system. It is said that if you don't have a properly functioning water pump, you might as well bid goodbye to having a trouble-free and comfortable journey. Meaning, your Jeep water pump is truly of great use.

Your Jeep water pump is the main reason why your car runs at a normal operating temperature providing you a relaxed ride. It appears like a centrifugal pump and is connected to the crankshaft by a belt so your Jeep water pump in general works with a belt. The belt that usually drives the water pump to function is the V-belt but in most cases, it is driven by a timing belt. So how does your Jeep water pump serve its function?

Your Jeep water pump circulates fluid every time your engine is running. It uses centrifugal force in order to make the fluid to move while it spins, allowing the fluid to be constantly drawn from the center. In order for the fluid that returns from the radiator to hit the pump vanes, the inlet to the water pump is mounted near the center. The vanes of the water pump hurl the fluid to the pump's exterior where it can go into the engine. The said fluid the leaves the pump flows throughout the engine block and the cylinder head first, subsequently into the radiator and finally back to the pump.

Now, if your Jeep water pump is defective, the fluid or the coolant just sits in the engine block and cylinder head. It will not be able to circulate the fluid to the radiator to displace its heat, and no fluid/coolant heat displacement means your car will quickly overheat. Overheating can greatly affect the other components of your car's cooling system like the thermostat, radiator, hoses and the like. Eventually, if you continue to ignore your bad Jeep water pump, expect a blown head gasket, warped cylinder heads and worst, engine damage.

So if you do not want to experience severe car troubles, always check your car's water pump. Check if it has leaks or any signs of wear and tear. If you think your Jeep water pump is used up and really needs to be replaced, browse this site. Here at Parts Train, you can get your new Jeep water pump that is guaranteed to be of premium quality. We also have in stock other auto parts and auto accessories, so check out our site now!